Tower Tower
The tower in its present form was built in the 15th Century and is therefore well over one hundred years older than the church itself. The thickness at the base of the walls is two metres compared to the thickness of the steeple which is only one and a half bricks. The present crowning - the trans gallery and the little dome with the open apple- was installed in 1661. In that year a part of the original spire had to be dismantled because of it’s dilapidated condition.
 Three bells are hanging in the tower, of which the oldest and largest has a diameter of 1,25 metres. This bell is called Saint Peter (Sint Pieter in Dutch) and was manufactured by Everardus Splinter from Enkhuizen in 1636. The other two bells were made by the Hemony Brothers; one bears the date 1649.
The tower was restored in 1925/26 and in 1969/70. There are plans for a new renovation as the basement of the tower shows new deficiencies, possibly caused by the reclamation of the Wieringermeer. It has been established that the tower subsides out of position in a north easterly direction an average of three millimeters per year.