Introduction Introduction

We have to go back to a document dated 1118 to find the first recorded evidence of the church at Medemblik when the Bishop of Utrecht bestowed the church property on the Canons of St. Martin (Sint Maarten in Dutch). The church building referred to in that document was probably located at the same site as the present building.
 The construction of the present church was started in 1404. The church and tower were completed in the course of the 15th Century. In 1517 Medemblik was attacked and burnt by a gang of thieves under the direction of a man called “Grote Pier”. The church was also destroyed by the flames; the tower however remained undamaged.
After a collection in the diocese of Utrecht the church was able to be rebuilt. Shortly after the reconstruction  the western side of the city caught fire again and was razed to ashes. History repeated itself, the church burnt to the ground, the tower however was spared. In 1555 the rebuilding of the church was started. In order to pay for this, Medemblik received alleviation of taxes for a period of ten years from King Philip the Second. The church that was then built, in basic form, is the same as to-day.
The name of the church.
Originally Saint Martin (Sint Maarten) was the second church patron, next to Saint Boniface. After the Reformation in 1572 the name of Boniface remained with the Reformed church and Saint Martin became the principle patron of the Roman Catholic church.