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The fourniture

On the eastside of the church you can find the pew, which was assigned to the nobility and higher layers of the community, with small arched panels in the backwall and carved crowns on the little doors. This special pew as well as the other pews, which are decorated in a more simple way, all date back to the 17th century.

The illumination.
Two 16-arm and one 24-arm copper chandeliers hang in the central nave.
All three were donated in 1660. The smaller three- and four-arm chandeliers in the south aisle are probably somewhat older. The electrified gaslamps with white glass covers in the central nave are from the early years of this century. The chandeliers hanging in the north aisle, as well as both the choir areas, were newly made and installed during the last renovation inspired by the design of the gaslamps. 

The paintings (cartouches) on the columns.
On the columns of the church, large scrolls of Scripture-texts have been painted as cartouches ,
fully framed in fruit-ornamental settings. Underneath one of these Scripture-texts one can still find the date of 1602. The text on the column next to the pulpit on the eastside stems from the apocryphal book of Jezus Sirach, according to the text from the Deux-Aes bible, an often used bible translation which preceded the (Dutch) Authorized Version of the Bible.