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The stained-glass windows

The window farthest east was donated by the city of Monnikendam in 1670. Above the coat of arms and name of Monnikendam there is also the coat of arms of Medemblik.

The window next to this was donated by the poor-relief board. Underneath  the title on this window is the history of “ the two mites of the poor widow” and is pictured in grisaille (a technique of imitating the effect of relief).
The window above the entrance was made in 1902 at the occasion of the renovation.

The fourth window
was donated in 1671 by  the Rijnschippers”  guild. At the topside one can see the history of Noah’s Ark pictured; underneath a view of Medemblik.

The next window was probably donated by mayors and church wardens in 1709. Underneath the throne of the city-virgin the glass is signed: ”S. v.d.Meulen fecit Ao 1709”.

In the middle of the last window the coat of arms of the city is shown with the date of 1681, flanked by the coats of arms of the donators. At the very bottom of this window one can see the representation of Solomonian jurisdiction. In 1902-1905 most of the panes were renovated.

During the renovation in 1991-1993 they were all removed from their frames and entirely reconditioned. Firstly strenghtened glass panes were mounted in the original frames and then the stained-glass windows were installed behind these panes. The windows are now protected against the elements.